Wild girls enjoy wild times

Lena looked like a sex goddess. The part time visiting escort was in her element, strutting about in a tiny vest top and a mini skirt, bare foot and fancy free. I watched her dance around the camp fire, admiring her confidence and enjoying vicariously the attention the guys were giving her. We were the only girls and there were at least seven men, all members of the motorcycle club.

The leader is forty year old ex-army engineer Steven or Stevo as he prefers. With his stocky build, bald head and handlebar moustache he looks every inch the hard man though I knew that he was all soft and cuddly on the inside. From our first encounter with these guys, at a music festival a couple of years ago, Stevo had always been a gentleman and he ensured that all of the other guys treated us with the same courtesy and respect. Then there was Don and Shane, partners in ‘crime’ as we liked to call them because they were always getting into trouble. Not by design but by accident you understand, mostly a result of their inability to keep their mouths shut. Too many ‘jokes’ made, innocently but at another’s expense. I was surprised the other guys let them stay in the club!

Tony was the womaniser, a real lothario. Good looking and with a body shaped by countless hours in the gym he was very popular with the ladies, though he hadn’t enjoyed much success with me or Lena. We preferred our guys a little rougher around the edges, less groomed.

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