Such a sexy sweetheart

There is a double page spread in a popular tabloid newspaper today featuring a whole host of A list celebrities in a clinch, with the twist that only one person in each couple looks all that bothered. In some cases it looks like boredom, in others it looks like the sleb has spotted a camera and is making the most of the photo opportunity, but in all cases it looks like the death knell has already begun to ring in the relationship.

My favourite of the pictures has Gerard Pique of Barcelona FC fame trying to plant a kiss in the delicious lips of a certain Shakira at some sporting event or other but the girl’s attention is clearly elsewhere. Now I don’t remember being there so I can’t comment for certain on what the sexy Shakira is looking at but whatever it is it is one hundred per cent more interesting than her fella. Not good for the ego!

Then there is Bradley Cooper looking like he would rather be anywhere else in the world than sitting next to his ‘sweetheart’ Suki Waterhouse as she embarrassingly nuzzles up close whilst at the same time look for a camera. Needy girl!

I have always written that relationships are all well and good when in their infancy and everything is sexy and fresh. But once that loved up period is over then it takes a special couple to keep the fires of passion burning bright.

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