Release those endorphins...

There is a report out today which basically says that it doesn’t matter what diet you follow you will achieve broadly similar results. Is this really a surprise to anyone? The whole diet thing is more of a multi-billion pound industry these days than anything else. Surely it stands to reason that if you eat less (and drink less alcohol) then you will lose weight? Combine a controlled diet with exercise and you will not only lose weight faster but you will also tone up. Let’s face it, the girls at Local Escorts don’t look this good by accident, bingeing on fast food or chomping on chocolate! What always tickles me mind is when celebrities are asked about diets. At least nine out of ten hot women asked this question will claim that they live on a diet of pizza, French fries and chocolate cake!

I did read that plenty of sex was a great way to lose weight. Better still, during sex the body releases all sorts of pleasurable endorphins which make you feel happier and more contented with life. So, if I am to go on a diet it will be the hot sex morning, noon and night variety!

In the meantime, sticking to the diet theme, if you want to spend time with sexy blonde, brunette, English and Eastern European escorts who look good enough to eat then call Local Escorts today! An intimate massage is sure to have a positive effect on your metabolism!

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