Real girls, real good times

I was skimming through the Sunday papers yesterday when I came across what looked like an interesting fashion supplement in one of the more upmarket rags. The front page was dominated by a very sexy looking lady in a revealing outfit and I assumed there would be more of the same inside. I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed! A lot has been written about the stick thin, bosom and bottom free teenage models that dominate the industry but I didn’t realise that the fashion industry was also obsessed with unusual bordering on strange. Nearly every model had an androgynous appearance, far removed from the way that most women look as far as I am concerned. I thought it was just a size zero template that the fashion industry was pushing but it seems that the message goes beyond that.

I don’t know about you but I like women. I don’t mean the stick insect variety promoted by designer fashion houses. I mean the real girls that we see around and about every day. I like a woman who has curves just where you expect them to be and who looks as though she likes a glass of wine or two. If I had to choose between an evening with a boyish catwalk model or a sensuous Local or Bedfordshire Escort I know just whom I would choose! To spend time with a real woman who likes the company of a real man just call Local Escorts .

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