Happy Days

I confided in a girlfriend that I write a regular blog on an escort site and in return she confided in me that she has always wanted to be an escort. Jen is nearly forty but has the body and attitude of a twenty year old. She’s sensational and I think she would make a fabulous escort. Anyway, just because I write an escort blog Jen thinks that I am an expert when it comes to the sexy skill of sensual massage! She keeps asking me if she can show me a good time and practice her massages on me.

Thing is I am a little uncomfortable at all of this show a girl the ropes thing. I mean, Jen is like a best friend and I am concerned that our relationship might change forever if she starts providing me with intimate companionship.

On the other hand the chance to see Jen in all her glory and enjoy a romantic evening with her is quite tempting, especially the bit where I get to tutor her in the art of being a high class, high quality escort. I mean, let’s be honest, what man doesn’t want to be in that position with an escort. Especially when the girl in question is stunning, hot, new to it all and needs your ‘guidance’ shall we say? I know what I am going to decide to do of course. I’m going to help her all I can, starting with tonight when the first lesson will include a one hour visit from a busty escort from Local Escorts! Happy Days! If you want to know the secret of being the best escort in the business then you have to learn from the girls who have made intimate companionship an art form!

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