Half naked, all woman

In the fickle world of fashion any style may have a very short shelf life but I hope that the latest trend being promoted by Lady Gaga takes off! Basically the look consists of a black bra and pants covered by a see through polka dotted mesh cat suit. Oh, and let’s not forget the subtle black scarf, I wouldn’t want to suggest she is half naked or anything! I wonder if I could tempt any of the seriously sexy escorts at Local Escorts to adopt the out there look? It wouldn’t hurt to ask!

Seriously, the extravagant pop star, ahem, artiste, must have an album to sell or something because she is never out of the papers at the moment though always out of her clothes. Mind you, I have to admit that she does look good in the almost buff and her derriere is a work of art in itself. And with so many eyes on her posterior no wonder she is pictured wearing blacked out sunglasses!

I also congratulate her on the sexy tattoo she sports on her midriff. Now that must have been a painful place to be inked but the end result is tantalising, teasing and ever so tasty on the toned temptress.

Closer to home the toned and tempting girls of Local Escorts are awaiting your call. You needn’t worry that it will be a ‘bad romance’; you will be left ‘speechless’ by her ‘brown eyes’. Just remember to keep a ‘poker face’!

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