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What makes us attracted to one person and not another? When I gaze in wonder at the many stunning escorts in the escort gallery on this site I can appreciate the many and varied charms of each and every woman but there are certain girls who really catch my eye. Whilst seeing someone in the flesh, talking to an individual and being in their company can all contribute to someone’s sexual attractiveness – the way some girls simply move is enough to stir my interest – when relying on a visual stimuli alone I am especially drawn to say, six, of the sexy escorts on these pages. As I wrote earlier, that’s not to say that I am not attracted to others, or that in the flesh, so to speak, I may find some of the other girls even more of a turn on, but just to state that there is something about the way these girls look that gets under my skin.

I can only wonder at the factors that make me more attracted to one girl than another. Is there something rooted in one’s subconscious, some event in one’s past that triggers a particular interest in a specific individual, images seen in childhood that have lain dormant and now emerge as strong stimuli? What I do know is that thanks to Local Escorts I am able to meet up with gorgeous girls who appeal to me on so many levels of desire.

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