Enjoy the here and now...

Too many people allow themselves to get bogged down in the everyday, the routine, the basic mundane banalities of existence. We worry about the football score, the dishwasher, whether our flight will be on time and will the car pass its MOT! We get caught up in all the negativity on the news and look on in disbelief as yet more unpleasantness is unleashed on the world. Now I am not saying that we should adopt a head in the sand approach to life (though it seems to work well enough for an emu) but I do think that we should try and approach things as though the glass were half full rather than half empty.

We can book an escort and she will make our time with her special and memorable – there are we happy! We can lie back and enjoy a sublime sensual massage, our lovely escort’s fingers probing, kneading and soothing our skin – there art we happy, we can book two escorts for a special occasion – there art we happy! There is so much that is good about the world, though my emphasis on beautiful and hot escorts I perhaps something of a giveaway as far as my attitude to existence is concerned. Why worry about the ‘stuff’ that is meaningless? Instead, enjoy the here and now, relaxing in the more than capable hands of a Local Escort with an easy, relaxed manner and a body to die for! Now that is what life is really all about!

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