Burning with desire

We’d all love to know how to make our girl red hot in the bedroom. Without alcohol being involved that is. Sex at the beginning of any relationship can be so intense, so new and delicious but once the long term blues set in it can be nigh on impossible to relight her fire! Well despair ye not as today we give you an insider’s guide to getting the girl to give great sex! Now there were a lot of ‘g’s in that sentence and so that is where we should begin – the g-spot!

All great lovers know where a woman is most sensitive, those places where she is more than receptive to your touch, the intimate areas which will enflame her passion, drive her wild and in return give you the ultimate reward – a woman who is up for anything in bed!

Now, whilst I am firmly of the opinion that knowing your girl’s body is important you have to be able to get to the point where you can demonstrate your skilled sexual acrobatics and acute knowledge of physiognomy. It’s not enough to know where to touch and for how long, you have to seduce her mind before you can enjoy her body! But how is one to do that? How to invade her thoughts with your subversive schemes? We know the secret and we want you to know it too!

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