A passion for a good time

Once I knew the truth about James his true character emerged. Underneath the polite and wholesome exterior he was a wild animal on the prowl for female prey, a libertine with an eye for the ladies and a passion for a good time. Being the boss of such a glamorous division of the bank gave him access to many a sexy stunner, the young interns would turn heads anywhere and despite my own very obvious charms there was a lot of competition for his attention, meaning I only received the odd cursory glance now and then.

It puzzled me why James didn’t try to seduce me but I soon worked out that it had nothing to do with the glut of hot chicks so much as the frequent impromptu visits by his wife, who no doubt had good reason not to trust him and seemed intent on catching him in the act. Perhaps there was a clause in the pre-nuptial arrangement that gave her a bonus if he cheated, who knows. But it was clear to me that he was using me as some sort of front to prove his innocence as if to say, ‘look darling, she is sex on a stick sizzling hot and so if I’m not having a dally with her what would you have to worry about?’

It didn’t seem fair to me that I was missing out on the fun and so I decided I would give her something to worry about.

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