A Night on The Town: 5 Unique Places To Take Your Escort in London

A Night on The Town: 5 Unique Places To Take Your Escort in London

Looking for the perfect spot to begin your date? Check out this list of unique spots ranging from the traditional to the quirky.

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Finding the best date ideas London has to offer can get tricky. It's like picking the right song on Spotify, sometimes have so many options can leave you at a standstill. But similar to how you shouldn't just listen to any old song, resisting Covent Garden or Leicester Square is a good decision in terms of impressing your date in the city.

Rather, you should pick these Zone 1 spots. We have the best guide to daying in London. Whether you're looking to have an expensive dinner, or a nite of art, or just a fun location where anything can happen.

Let's get into it!

1. Fitzrovia: Charlotte Street Hotel

A nice and cheap area in London is Fitzrovia, where there are plenty of amazing pubs, bars, and restaurants. Located between one or two main roads, this is the perfect spot for a date that can go anywhere. And by heading to The Charlotte Street Hotel, you'll make the best first impression.

There you can sit back on a cosy sofa way in the back of the room where you can get to know your date in peace. Not that the front end isn't just as gorgeous, but it can get a bit noisy. Either way, you and your date will be in good hands.

If you want to save a few more pounds and go someplace with a bit more action, you can head to the next block and visit Bourne & Hollingsworth. It's a great cocktail bar situated down a few metal steps and serves drinks with a wonderful environment. You'll be comfortable, you'll have fun, and the drinks are delicious.

2. Soho: The Palomar

Soho has plenty for you to choose from when you're looking for cool places in London for a date. It could be a little overwhelming if you're a first-timer, but there are still some of the finest bars and restaurants everywhere you look. Especially if you're going for dinner and looking to impress your date.

Or perhaps you want a glass of wine or cocktail before dinner — head to Poland Street to visit the Blind Pig. Located above the Social Eating House, you'll find a luxurious yet informal setting with creative drinks on the menu. Or you can go right over to Brewer Street and visit Mark's Bar where you'll find a cool, relaxed vibe for you and your date.

When it's finally time for dinner, The Palomar is the place to be. There's delicious and unique cuisine from Jerusalem served by an energetic staff who add to the brilliant atmosphere. It's ideal for a first date when you want to have a fun and memorable nite without awkward silences. And if you're struggling to get a table, it's just as good on the bar!

Alternatively, there's Copita on D'Arblay Street where you can have one-on-one time at the tapas bar. Or if you'd prefer to find the perfect steak, try Guacho. There, you're sure to find the best beef in all of London.

3. Southbank: Skylon, Royal Festival Hall

On the outside, one might think that Southbank is an awful place for dates ideas London has to offer — there are tons of tourists and over-priced food chains. But with a bit of insider knowledge, you'll learn that this is the hub for multi-cultural options. Plus, the river adds a beautiful and romantic touch.

Finding entertainment might be your best bet. The Southbank Centre has theatre, dance, and poetry year-round. And the Globe is where you'll get to cherish the romantic history of Shakespeare.

If you're looking for something less posh, head to the Odeon BFI and get your 3D goggles ready. Follow it up with a stroll near the water where you'll find some quality food and drinks. Get there early enough and the Real Food Market will have some good street food waiting for you and your date!

Looking for a proper sit down instead? Sea Containers at the Mondrian London has both delectable seafood and a sweet view of St. Pauls. RSJ on Coin Street also offers great food without the muss and fuss. Or you can go to the Royal Festival Hall to visit Skylon on the first floor, where the views along the river are to die for.

4. Kensington and Knightbridge: Toto's

You don't have to be apart of the Royal family to experience some of the best things central London has to offer. Once you get past the designer outlets and the expensive jewellers, you'll find a variety of restaurants and bars waiting for your arrival. It's the perfect neighbourhood for the first date and the next date and the one after that!

If you want to start with drinks, we suggest going to Kensington Roof Gardens where you can sip while watching live flamingos. If you get there at the right time, it'll surely be one of the most serene places in London. Then for dinner, you can go to Toto's in Knightsbridge for phenomenal Italian cuisine at decent prices.

5. Shoreditch: Zigfrid Von Underbelly

Shoreditch is not strictly for the hipsters, it's for the fine adults as well. It's the perfect place for a first date when you can't decide between drinks, food, or a random nite on the town. It's one of the coolest spots with the best nightlife for anyone dating in London.

You can start things off at The Book Club on Leonard Street. It's a laid back bar in the basement where you can get your fill with their amazing sharing platters. From there, go to Old Street and stop by the Nightjay for a drink in one of London's most historic areas. Then when you're ready to rock on, try Zigfrid Von Underbelly where you can show off your best dance moves!

The Best Date Ideas London Has to Offer!

Whether you're into fine dining or shopping around for street food, this guide is definitely one to hold onto for the coolest date ideas London has. Not only will you have variety but you'll look like a pro at finding the best spots for a good time. If you're looking for the perfect date, we can help with that too — cheque out our services!

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