7 Sexy Date Night Ideas to Spice up Your Evening

7 Sexy Date Night Ideas to Spice up Your Evening

Use these sexy date night ideas to take your next night out (or in!) to the next level.

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The British dating market is on fire. In fact, it is anticipated that over 7 million Brits will be searching for dates online by 2023.

There are many dating apps out there that are helping people find love. These apps include Tinder, eHarmony, and many others.

Dating apps that make it easy to land a partner are leading to a more competitive environment. The bottom line is that you need to step your game up to win over a date.

Read on for sexy date night ideas that will improve your odds. Explore 7 ideas that are certain to make a good impression on your date.

1. Wine Bar

Every sexy date includes a glass of wine. What better way to set the mood than to take your date out to a wine bar.

Throw in a little history with a romantic atmosphere and you are set. Gordon’s Wine Bar is the perfect place to make this happen.

Gordon’s has been the setting for romantic dates since 1890. It is located on the Embankment so it provides a top location. Finally, this wine bar is illuminated by candlelight to create a sexy aura around your date.

There are many other wine bars sprinkled throughout London. Each option can provide the spark you are looking for.

2. Helicopter Ride

Have you ever heard the expression love is in the air? Taking a helicopter ride over London gives this expression new meaning. What better way to cement your baller status than taking your date airborne?

There are a number of options for helicopter rides over the city. Rides generally last about an hour and will give you the best possible view of London’s skyline. To add a little spice to your date, we recommend to plan the helicopter ride around sunset.

3. Rooftop Love

One of the most romantic settings in the city is located on a rooftop near you. There are rooftop bars and restaurants sprinkled throughout London.

Boundary in Shoreditch is a perfect example of a romantic rooftop bar. Guests rave about the view of Shoreditch below. In addition, there is a beautiful 30-degree vantage point of London’s skyline.

With a perfect setting for your sexy date, you can enjoy a great meal. Also, have a couple of drinks with your partner to loosen up and throw caution to the wind.

4. High-Rise Restaurants

London has a larger-than-life skyline with many skyscrapers. Within these skyscrapers are some of the best restaurants and bars that London has to offer.

The beautiful views are the primary reason why high-rises are perfect for a sexy date. You can enjoy an alcoholic beverage and delicious dessert with your partner. Overlooking the city at night creates the perfect ambiance for a romantic setting.

We have a number of recommendations for high-rise restaurants in the city. First, you should check out the Helix Restaurant and Iris Bar.

What makes this spot unique is the 360-degree view of the city. Oblix at the Shard and Duck and Waffle are two other renowned spots.

5. Indulge in Nature

There are very few things more romantic than nature. For example, consider laying down some blankets and taking in the stars.

You can bring a picnic basket with chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of red wine. Quietly hold your partner and listen to the wonderous sounds of nature.

London, Essex, and Middlesex all have fantastic parks for this sexy date.

Perhaps the best thing about a sexy date at the park is the cost. It does not cost a single Euro to lay out with a loved one and enjoy nature.

Also, you can explore London’s secret gardens with your date. There are so many gardens to choose from to set up shop. The Inner Temple Garden and Phoenix Garden both come to mind.

6. Stay Home

The peace and comfort of home is underrated for hosting a sexy date. Here is a place where you can enjoy complete privacy and intimacy. It is also a spot where you can maximize your creativity and really focus on your partner's desires.

What are some tips to create a sexy environment at home? For starters, shut off the lights and ignite your candles. Next, put on some romantic music in the background to really set the mood.

Now it is time to gather all of the necessary supplies for the perfect sexy date. Obviously, you need a bottle of wine or some martinis.

Next, get some o’dourves that serve as a natural aphrodiasic. Some foods that come to mind are oysters and chocolate covered strawberries.

Finally, get some items that are certain to enhance the mood even further. Products that come to mind are massage oils or bath bombs.

With the basics established, now you can embrace your inner creativity and romance. This is where some smooth operators lay a path of rose petals to the bedroom.

7. Plan on Doing an Activity Together

Very few things are sexier than doing a joint activity together. These activities really highlight the chemistry that exists in a great relationship.

One sexy idea is to sign up for an art class together. There are several forms of art that have worked their way into the dating world. Both painting and pottery classes come to mind. Remember the famous pottery scene in the hit movie Ghost?

Another sexy idea is to sign up for a cooking class together. Here you can emphasize all of the human senses like taste, smell, and touch.

Work together with your partner to create something from the ground up that tastes great. It is also a perfect opportunity to get your flirt on with your partner.

A Recap of 7 Sexy Date Night Ideas

The city of London has so much to offer for couples. On any given night, you can plan a sexy date night with your significant other.

Whether it is a rooftop bar or a helicopter ride, it is easy to set the mood in London. If you need escort service to try out your sexy date night ideas, contact us today to get on our calendar.

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