TAMMY - a must
TAMMY - a must
TAMMY - a must
Tammy is a pretty, slim and sexy twenty one year old English brunette who enjoys meeting new people and having fun. With her petite waist, 32D bust, long flowing brown hair and piercing blue eyes she is, frankly, just perfect and what man wouldn't want to spend time in her delicious company? Don't be disappointed, call today!
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Tammies Stats
  • Nationality:
  • English
  • Age:
  • 29
  • Eyes:
  • Blue
  • Hair:
  • Long Straight Brunette
  • Height:
  • 5' 6"
  • Bust:
  • 32D
  • Dress:
  • 8
  • Couples:
  • No
  • Orientation:
  • Straight
  • Availability:
  • Most nights

Reviews for Tammy

Reviewed in Essex on 24th April 2014
Tammy was A M A Z I N G last night, she truly gets more stunning each time I see her, and unbelievably has the best ever personality to match. Thank you for making me so happy my gorgeous, glowing, golden, wonderful princess. I cant say how much I enjoyed our night together other than it was simply F A N T A S T I C. You are without a doubt my all time number one now at Impulse. You are simply the B E S T ever babe !!!

Reviewed in Essex on 16th January 2014
Everything that has already been said about this wonderful glowing princess and in addition, what an amazing, genuine, sincere, warm and wonderful person Tammy is. Absolutley truly exceptional.

Reviewed in London on 5th December 2013
Tammy is every mans dream!! The best by far,its a shame she's not available more often.

Reviewed in Essex on 3rd August 2013
She's still the most beautiful girl in the world.

Reviewed in Hertfordshire on 15th July 2013
Met Tammy over the weekend had high expectations of this young lady but my god did she exceed them!! She is sweet and funny and the most beautiful girl I have been with, amazing body amazing personality just quite simply amazing!! Thanks again Tammy.

Reviewed in London on 14th July 2013
tammy is a diamond cant wait to see her again

Reviewed in Essex on 6th July 2013
The most beautiful girl in the world.

Reviewed in Essex on 18th April 2013
Tammy is a very stunning girl. I never met up before with any girl, it was my first time and i had spectacular time with Tammy. She is very a understanding girl. I got my wish today i wanna meet again again with Tammy

Reviewed in Essex on 12th April 2013
Tell me honestly Guys!! do i need to put anything here for Tammy!? God just created her to prove it his there!!! never saw anyone like her that so kind, charming and BEST just BEST!! just treat her the way a lady should be treated!! thats all! thank you Tammy!! and the rest xxx

Reviewed in Essex on 31st March 2013
can not make any comments about Tammy!! this is just amazing!! best person you can ever wish for!! Tammy you are the amazing Lady and you are real one!! thank you again for best time ever!! you are special ;) xxx

Reviewed in Essex on 1st March 2013
You know what! this is first time i cant say any thing!! GOD she is the LADY and i do mean that!! I never seen any one like Tammy!!She is just a LADY!! so simple!! if you cant treat a lady don't ask for her!!you got to feel her and she is the BEST and I cant find any word for her!!Please respect for this LADY as she is the only one! and I love her already!! I want to see her every day and nite in my life!! thanks for great advise from this lovely AGENCY!! Thank you xxxx

Reviewed in London on 8th February 2013
Tammy is a very special girl blows my mind everytime can't wait to see you again Xx

Reviewed in Essex on 31st December 2012
Second time seeing Tammy, wow wow wow, this girl is unbelievably good, shes awesome, if i won the lottery i honestly would buy her the world. You wont regret seeing her, she is perfection, your amazing young lady xxxx

Reviewed in Essex on 9th November 2012
Saw Tammy tonight, she is perfect, gorgeous beyond words, lovely eyes, she has a sparkle that makes you melt, treat her like a princess, i met her once, i will remember her for a lifetime xx

Reviewed in Hertfordshire on 2nd November 2012
Spent a great night with this lady. Absolutely fabulous. Very friendly and lovely figure. Cant wait to see you again Tammy. x

Reviewed in Hertfordshire on 28th September 2012
great time with Tammy..so gentle and relaxing with beauty to go with it see u again soon I hope

Reviewed in Essex on 11th August 2011
Tammy was the best girl I've ever booked at Impluse.

Mark Cerasoli
Reviewed in Kent on 6th April 2010
U r my perfect woman come and c me x x

Reviewed in London on 29th March 2010
can't wait to book her agian she was great and offered a good service

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