Why resist temptation?

After the hot liaison in the arched tunnels of a derelict viaduct I wasn’t sure what Millie could come up with to top the experience. Samantha had told me that the wild child had used to work as a visiting escort and I thought I would ask her about her experiences.

She explained that she had worked at Local Escorts and that she had loved providing intimate companionship. Every date was an adventure she said and meeting new guys – and girls and having a fun time was great for a while. But Millie wasn’t the kind of girl who could do any one thing for any length of time. She was also honest enough to admit that she had an insatiable appetite for sex, but it had to be risky sex, the riskier the better. There was nothing she enjoyed more than being watched, especially in ‘normal’ situations. She had gone to a sex club once and as a couple made love on stage she had seduced a bystander. That, she said, was one of the best times she had ever had and in fact she had been desperately trying to feel the same thrill ever sense. This was why she went on her sexual odysseys, little adventures that involved voyeurism, a smidgeon of danger and a willing accomplice. Given Millie was sex on a stick hot there were no shortages of willing sexual partners! Apparently I was just the latest in a long line of lusty lovers…

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