What we need is a sensuality index

When it comes to the force of the wind or the magnitude of an earthquake there are scales to identify the severity or ferocity of the phenomenon. With wind we have a scale which takes in light breeze through gale force and up to the destructive power of a hurricane. With earthquakes it is the Richter scale and the most devastating of fissures will be marked down as a ten. So why not have a measurement scale for escorts? We could call it the Local Escorts Sensuality Index and it could cover all of the essentials and pre-requisites of being a lovely visiting escorts.

If the rating was on a 1 to 5 basis the entry level could be an escort who has some of the physical or personal aspects but is yet to fully develop her talents for intimate companionship. Perhaps an escort rated as a 2 on the LESI would be one who is particularly good at providing friendly companionship but lacks some of the more sexy elements of the more fun loving and adventurous girls. A rating of three would be for a pretty, sexy and accommodating girl but one who is only prepared to offer services to one gender or individual at a time. A girl with four stars on the LESI would be a sex on a stick attractive escort who is more than happy to visit couples and is at least bi-curious if not bi-sexual and then an escort achieving top marks would be a full blown party girl, one who enjoys living life to the full and thoroughly enjoys new experiences and sexy adventures.

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