Welcome to a universe of gorgeous girls!

Yesterday I watched a video recording of David Icke speaking at the Oxford Union. I expected his talk to be utter nonsense but was actually quite surprised to find a lot of what he said, at least for the first hour, to be interesting and thought provoking. It was only in the later stages of the address when he got into the lizards in human form and we live in a matrix style construct that he began to lose me. I understand that we are made up of atoms and I even understand, at least a little, about quantum theory and the idea that we exist in many multiverses, but to suggest that we are all part of one consciousness at war with itself just didn’t do it for me.

Have you heard about the multiverse idea? According to this theory there are an infinite number of universes and we inhabit all of them. In some we are poor and in others rich. In one we may be anonymous and in another we may be famous. I like to think that in each and every one I am enjoying the companionship of a hot girl from Local Escorts!

My theory is that life is short, we get one chance at happiness and to that end we should do everything we can to make the most of things. And we all know what that means of course, seizing the moment to call Local Escorts.

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