Variety is the Spice of Life!

I can understand the appeal of the ‘girl next door’ type. There is the idea that she is an ordinary young woman, innocent and pretty, pleasant and friendly, going about her life blissfully unaware of the fact that her neighbour is attracted to her. This is the kind of girl who isn’t showy in the way she dresses, is perhaps quite modestly attired even when it comes to a date or that annual works party. But in our fantasy there is a hot temptress beneath the surface just waiting to be unleashed in the bedroom. I get all of that, but for me I still prefer the more outwardly confident and vivacious girl, the one who flirts outrageously and when she wants something she goes out and gets it.

Lately I have been infatuated with Eastern European escorts. Some of these girls are absolutely stunning and there is a heat beneath that superficial icy exterior I can tell you. I think I like the fact that these girls are a polar opposite to the girl next door types. They make no secret of the fact that they enjoy a good time, are adventurous and always up for fun. Some of the busty Eastern European escorts dress and act provocatively, a real turn on if you ask me. And some of them like to take control, great fun during an intimate, sensual massage.

I suppose the old adage about variety being the spice of life applies with regard to escorts as much as it does in any other sphere of existence. Why not book a local escort with girl next door appeal and then booking one of the ravishing Eastern European Escorts with a lust for life and make your own comparison?

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