Ultimate satisfaction

It isn’t hard to explain the fascination with courtesans. Beautiful women who enjoy the company of men and women and know how to make someone feel special are treasured for their qualities. Whilst most people live within the strict conventions of a moralistic and often hypocritical society the escort appears aloof, glamorous, mysterious even.

Not any women could be successful as an escort; it requires a certain something, an aptitude if you like or at least the ability to conjure the essential elements of the characteristic. For me the quintessential essence of an escort is an ability to give oneself over to the pursuit of pleasure and even the subjugation of your own desires in your quest to give satisfaction to another. Some of the best escort shave this attribute as a natural facet of their personality; others cultivate a persona and play a part. It would be fair to compare an escort in this instance to an actress as both attempt to please by providing what the customer wants, living a fantasy if you will.

When a man meets his perfect escort he is likely to continue to meet with her. The perfect companion understands her client and provides what he needs to feel fulfilled and alive. In the ‘real world’ it is hard to find a woman who is prepared to be so giving. That alone makes a beautiful escort worth her weight in gold.

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