The ultimate in pleasure

The girls were called Sandy and Crystal and they weren’t twins. In fact they weren’t even the same nationality. Sandy was an American girl studying in the city and Crystal was a local girl, working as a hostess in a trendy wine bar in Covent Garden. Crystal was working later but had a few hours spare and the girls had brought along a bottle of Cava to enjoy in the sunshine. With the park being so busy good spots in the shade were hard to come by and so they had asked if they could sit near me.

As a bi-sexual escort I have often dated women and in fact had found that I often preferred the sensual nature of lovemaking with another female. There is something so delicious, so soft and sensuous when a women caresses your skin, kisses your lips and uses her tongue to bring the ultimate pleasure. Sandy and Crystal were stunning and their attire left little to the imagination, of course I was going to be attracted to them.

Sandy was wearing dungaree shorts and no bra, giving a very sexy view of side boob. I found it hard to keep my eyes off her. She sat with her knees pulled up close to her chest and when she smiled it melted my heart and sent a warm and quivering feeling throughout my groin area. I was desperate to have her. But then I didn’t even know if she was a lesbian.

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