The thrill of the chase

Now let’s be honest gentleman, if you were dating Kelly Brook would you find the relationship ‘boring’? Apparently that was the reason behind the break-up of Brook and former boyfriend Danny Cipriani. Looking at Kelly in one of her many underwear shots I can’t imagine life being boring. She has fuelled so many of my fantasies that it would take quite some time before we would have exhausted the possibilities. But on the other hand, behind the sexy figure and the burlesque and the swim suit scene in Anaconda and the topless shots, not to mention nude Playboy spread, what do we know about the former Big Breakfast hostess?

The fact is that Danny has been reported as being fed up with Kelly constantly posting photos to various social networking sites, a self-absorption that got under his skin. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors and twitching curtains. Looks aren’t everything. Take a Local Escort for example – or two if you like – and you will find a girl who is as interesting on the inside as she is on the outside. Beauty and brains are the sexiest combination don’t you think and when you add a dash of sophistication and style, well you have the complete package.

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