The pursuit of pleasure

It was inevitable that Dave would make a pass at me. He had spent over an hour taking photographs of me in all sorts of poses, most of which involved me in wearing very little. In the warm studio Dave’s desire was sure to be enflamed. What man could watch a twenty two year old with a very sexy body dancing about and not get turned on? I would have been more surprised if Dave hadn’t tried to get off with me.

Dave was about twenty years older than me and not in the best of shape but he was funny, charming and I liked the way that he made it clear that he wanted me. To be desired intensely is quite an aphrodisiac and after all of my exertions in front of his camera I was feeling rather horny myself. I was also in a naughty mood and as Dave sidled up to me, his hands moving over my body I whispered to him that he could have me but only if he filmed the entire thing, in full HD! LOL! I have never seen a man so shocked and yet move so quickly, setting up one of his cameras on a tripod and pressing the record button.

I shouldn’t have got his so excited because the love making session lasted far less than the photography session that preceded it and I was destined to return home still in need of satisfaction. Thankfully an old friend had popped round to say hi.

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