Take your time, enjoy the experience

I once attended a speed dating session. Embarrassing maybe but true. Anyway, I did the usual, knocking five years of my age, buying new clothes and turning up half an hour early so that I could check out the talent before the ordeal began. Looking around wine bar, illuminated by that un-sexy early evening light, I realised a number of problems. First of all I hadn’t prepared and I suddenly realised that I would have to spend up to ten minutes with each of the assembled women and attempt to impress them enough so that they would want to meet up. Secondly, there was only one woman that I could see that I had the hots for and I knew instantly that she was there as a voyeur. I don’t know if you are aware of this but some people attend these events with their partner and pretend not to be a couple. They get a laugh out of the whole thing. They are sad but there you go.

Anyway, when it came to each ‘meeting’ I was a little shy and tongue tied and the conversation inevitably turned to the dull, routine, mundane things of life when I would have preferred more saucy, exciting, flirtatious exchanges. What do you do? What’s your favourite holiday destination? How many times have you been married? The usual.

I couldn’t wait to escape though I also couldn’t resist checking later to see if any of the women fancied a second ‘date’ I scored a respectable six out of thirteen – but I never followed it up. Why meet up with a woman for the sake of it when you can be with a stunning busty escort from Local Escorts? There is simply no comparison. And what’s more, there is no preparation required and you will certainly not be tongue tied.

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