Successful in Seduction

I was a fast learner and I couldn’t wait to put my new found knowledge to the test. Monique had stressed certain points, from where to meet the right kind of couple – in her mind the sexiest seduction would be of a mainstream man and wife with little experience of kinky sex – to targeting the female first and making her think it was her own idea to suggest a threesome to her husband, to what to do in the bedroom itself. The actual sex tips were amazing and it was clear that Monique had plenty of experience of sex parties with willing men and women. In my limited experience I had thought wild sex involved positions that differed from the basic doggy and missionary style but listening to Monique I realised just how naïve and innocent I had been. Not any more, I was determined to put her words into practise and to expand my portfolio of sexual experiences. I was desperate for physical pleasure and I wasn’t about to wait any longer.

I chose a wine bar in Gatwick Airport, a place where I was sure to meet couples. And of course if they were going on holiday then they would already be in a party mood. Another reason is that as the couple would be staying in an airport hotel they would be more open to indulging in a sexy indiscretion, away from the prying eyes of neighbours. It was perfect. And when it came to finding the right type of couple, I couldn’t guarantee that the couple would not be swingers but it would only take a minute or two to tell.

Will Anna be successful in seduction?

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