Strike the jackpot with a local girl

What would you do if you won over a hundred million on the lottery? I’ve been reading about some winners today and I have to say that their spending choices are less than inspired in my humble opinion. I probably don’t need to tell you but cars, holidays and luxury homes were the three main items of expenditure. If I won such a sum I would spend it all on living a hedonistic, indulgent, sensual existence full of all that life has to offer and I don’t mean cars, holidays or houses. I mean of course, sexy women, the very spice of life! Actually I don’t believe that the male lottery winners are telling the truth. If you had million sin the bank wouldn’t you use some of the green to enjoy the company of beautiful, high class escorts like the girls from Local and Essex Escorts? I certainly would. In fact I don’t think booking one girl of an evening would be enough! To satisfy my craving for sensual massages and intimate companionship I would have to book at least two gorgeous girls every night and you can make that three at a weekend! Those guys saying that their most pressing desire was an Audi A4 are telling porky pies! Actually that reminds me that one of the couples that won over a hundred million split up because the wife ran off with an Audi car salesman she had bought some motors off allegedly!

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