Sensual when soaked to the skin...

The ice bucket water challenge that is currently all the rage seems something of a throwback to me. In the eighties there was a craze for sexy young women to wear little more than the bottom half of a bikini and a thin cotton-shirt and be doused with water. Yes, I’m talking about the old Miss wet t-shirt competitions! Looking at the latest ‘victims’ of the ice bucket most of the women are in bikinis or tight shorts and trying for all the world to still look hot after a chilly dousing. There’s nothing new under the sun!

Personally I would be more than happy to nominate one or two of the very attractive escorts at Local Escorts. I mean, these sensational, fun loving and adventurous girls would definitely be up for it, as I would be if I got to watch the soaking up close and personal so to speak. The current craze is in aid of charity but my motives are far from charitable, I just like to see hot escorts getting a dunking. Call me shallow if you like but there is nothing quite so sexy as a woman in water. If you don’t believe me just look Mylene Klass’s career took off when she showered on camera in I’m a Celebrity or take a look at Cara Delevigne’s new perfume advert. There is something very alluring about drops of water cascading off a girl’s shoulders. Now, which Local Escort do I dare to nominate?

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