No need to kiss and tell

We live in a male dominated society but there is one realm in which women have long since held the reins of power: the bedroom. Whether it be in the choice of a mate, flirtatious but ultimately fruitless fun, using allure and beauty to get on in life or simply getting a free drink women have the upper hand. I read some research the other day which strongly supported the idea that better looking women are more likely to be successful at interview, earn more and even live longer than less attractive females! Vindictive ladies can even extend their domination after a relationship is over. Kiss and tell anyone?

Kiss and tell stories seem to be the exclusive domain of the female. Who can tell me of a story involving a man who, after his girlfriend has cheated on him or dumped him has gone on record to rate the woman’s performance in bed? And yet this type of story the other way around is a staple of the Sunday tabloids. It seems the ultimate revenge is to suggest a man has a rather small manhood! Men on the other hand just seem to move on.

Of course this is something of a sweeping generalisation as not all women behave in this way! Thankfully.

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