No need to envy the other guy...

Have you ever been going out with a girl who is open minded enough to let you spend time with other women? Better still have you ever dated a girl who actively encouraged you to bring another woman into your bedroom for fun and frolics? I never thought it would ever happen to me but then I am lucky enough to be seeing a sexy escort beauty at the moment.

If you are reading this then it is likely that you will have booked an escort at some time or other. You will know that nothing compares to a sensual massage given by a professional. You will appreciate the distinct and special charms of a busty escort from Local Escorts. And so you will no doubt be more than envious of my rather fortunate situation.

The thing is I didn’t deliberately set out to date an escort. I just happened to be at a party where I met this stunning brunette from Eastern Europe called Sylvia. Sylvia is just the most amazing woman. From the moment I first set eyes on her I wanted to make love to her. But I thought she was out of my league, I mean she just looked so good. Tall, slim, toned and with legs that would not be out of place on a catwalk she is just an object of desire. But then I got talking with her and we just hit it off straight away. We have the same interests and she is far from shallow, the fact that she is seeing me is testament to that! Her clients at the agency will know what I mean when I say that she is gifted and talented when it comes to the art of sensual massages.

And then she suggested that her friend Erika drop by so that she could show me a really, really special time. Heaven is an escort from Local Escorts!

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