Love may be blind but lust isn't!

They say that love is blind but that is a crock if you ask me. I can understand being with someone for a period of time and turning a blind eye to their little irritating character traits but when you first fall for someone the physical side is most definitely to the fore. Love at first sight involves seeing a girl who blows your mind and your socks off. Guys love sexy girls, end of. If that wasn’t the case then how do you explain most leading actresses, models, lap dancers, striptease artists and escorts all being so stunning?

And come Valentine’s evening I am betting that a whole load of guys will be looking forward to their sex kitten stripping off, taking a shower and reappearing in some red hot lingerie. If lingerie doesn’t prove that love and sex is a visual thing then nothing will. Love is blind? Leave it out.

Take the ravishing beauties in the escort gallery at Local Escorts for example. Would you be as happy to book a girl if there were no photographs? I choose my escort companion based on all sort of subconscious things I am sure. Two girls side by side and both of them are gorgeous yet there is something about one of the sweethearts that just appeals to me. It may be the way she is looking back over her shoulder, her pert rear in some sexy satin knickers and the arch of her back just so. It could be the way that her long blonde hair cascades over her delicate shoulders. It could be the rouged full mouth pouting at me and whispering words of passion. Love may be blind but I will take some convincing.

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