Living the fantasy

Have you ever stopped to wonder why men find women in certain costumes sexy? The obvious one is a woman in stockings and suspenders and you can see that sensual quality amply illustrated in the online escort gallery here at Local Escorts. But regular lingerie aside why does a woman dressed up as a naughty nurse have such a universal sexual appeal? Or what about a woman dressed as a WPC or a French maid or as a sexy Santa? There must be something in our primitive past that accounts for this? Do we like the idea of a woman in a position of authority succumbing to a man’s desires? That would explain the nurse and wpc but not the French maid or the slightly strange sexy Santa. Is it the idea that beneath a respectable exterior there is a hot and willing woman looking to be ravished? It’s probably far more complex than this.

It’s more straightforward when you think about the professions that are considered sexy. Clearly at the top of these is being an escort. One glance at the amazing escorts of Local Escorts and you can see the appeal. And the allure of a pole dancer can’t be denied. Then there is adult movie star, actress and dancer. Many men find the idea of a ballerina a real turn on.

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