Go-getting girls!

What is meant by ‘soul mate’? When someone says I have met my soul mate what exactly are they on about? An easy answer is to refer to the ‘happy ever after’ idea that is engrained in our consciousness due to being indoctrinated by fairy tales during our early childhood. You may be surprised by the use of the word ‘indoctrinated’ so perhaps I should explain.

Fairy tales tell us that it is an ok aspiration to live happily ever after. This is counter to every message that is hammered into us by day to day experience. The older we get the more we realise that happiness is a fleeting thing – that is one of the reasons why I enjoy dating escorts so much. Being with an escort allows me to live in the moment and luxuriate in the sensual elements of existence. Escorts are expert at providing pleasure as any man who has enjoyed a massage and a full on girlfriend experience will attest. Live happily ever after? I will settle for a series of fulfilling and satisfying encounters punctuated by work and the mundane!

From fairy tales girls think that every guy has to be a prince charming, a chivalrous, rich and good looking alpha male type. Personally I like a woman to be more confident, more self-assured and more go-getting than that. My job isn’t to rescue some little girl from adversity. This is the modern world where girls are more than up to that task themselves.

My soul mate then is a girl from Local Escorts! My expectations are simple enough and I am yet to meet any Essex Escorts who hasn’t fulfilled every single one of them. Here’s wishing you a fairy tale ending to your Essex Escort date!

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