Girls who turn heads

We arranged to meet in the lobby of an upmarket hotel in the city. I had really splashed out on the room, booking a luxury suite complete with spa bath, robes and slippers! I had also gone to town on my outfit; my little black dress costing me an arm and a leg but it was worth it. The dress was stunning, fitting my shape perfectly and emphasising my subtle curves. Being slim and a 34B I don’t have the head turning curves of a glamour model and so I make the most of my best asset, my legs. In this short dress I looked like a catwalk model, legs up to the armpits and all that! The dress was high necked and armless. I have toned arms so didn’t have to worry about bingo wings! Black high heeled shoes and a black silk scarf completed the sophisticated look.

I had gone all vamp with my make-up, especially so in my choice of scarlet lipstick. I wanted to look like a high class escort and a part of me hoped that I would attract attention from any men in the bar who had the guts to approach me. When a woman is as stunning and confident as I am it takes a real man to make a move.

I arrived a little early for my date with Anna, a Polish escort who had only recently began to provide intimate companionship. I had chosen her because she was new to being an escort, but also because she was sex on legs and had a taste in dressing up and role play. The evening promised to be fun!

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