Delicious temptation

I was impressed with the number of highly attractive women. It was my first time and I didn’t know what to expect though I feared that the girls may not be available. As it happens that was far from the case as I was quickly swamped with invitations to partner this girl and that. It took me a little while to work out why the girls were so eager to provide companionship, most of the guys in the room were rather fuddy-duddy as the saying goes and more to the point I think they had been out with most of the available women already. I was fresh meat and boy did these lovely ladies make it clear that they were mine for the taking.

Of course the danger of being in such a situation is that the temptation is to play your cards too early. If you make the wrong choice the other girls will see themselves as second best and you may not make any progress. I was being predatory; I make no bones about it. My goal was to get at least one of these young and sexy women into bed. If I could seduce two or even three then jackpot as the saying goes. I wasn’t looking for a relationship; I wanted a good time under the covers. So, my game was simple, get up close and personal, be friendly but don’t commit, wait until the girl makes it clear that she wants to get hot and steamy. Easy enough plan, or so I thought.

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