An opportunity to savour

We were moving in different directions and so as I passed her I took the opportunity to check her out. Even with a bathing cap on her I could see that she was a stunning woman. In fact any woman who can wear a rubber skull cap and look incredible must be naturally and authentically beautiful. I admired her high cheekbones and her full lips, all the more impressive as she pursed them to breathe out. I fantasised about the two of us making love in the warm water but then just as quickly as it had come the moment passed and she was gone.

I made my way as fast as possible to the end so that I could spin round and move towards her again but there was no sign. She couldn’t have just disappeared, could she? I felt deflated, disappointed and frustrated. I had no sooner been thinking about getting hot and naked than the object of my sexual interest had done a runner. Perhaps she felt uncomfortable with me all alone?

I decided I would sweat out my pent up sexual tension in the Turkish bath that was a part of the facilities. Stripping off my swimming shorts I wrapped a towel around me and stepped into the steamy room. I immediately sensed the presence of another. She was with me.

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