An endless array of beautiful women

There is a theory in quantum physics known as the multiverse theory. It posits the idea that there are an infinite number of universes and consequently an infinite number of each of us. In this particular universe I am sitting at a desk writing this blog entry on a laptop. In another I am lying on a beach and topping up my tan whilst on yet some other planet revolving around a star in some other universe I am dating a supermodel who at this very moment is treating me to the most wonderful of birdsong in the morning adventures!

It’s the last bit that most delights and yet most frustrates! To think that there is a multi-millionaire version of me who is living the high life, driving fast cars and sleeping with the most beautiful of women yet here I am tippy tapping on a keyboard! So what good is the multiverse model if I can only live the dream vicariously in my imagination!

Thankfully I can call Local Escorts and bring my fantasies to life with a stunning busty blonde or busty brunette escort at any time of the day or week. It isn’t science fiction, it is sexy fact. Forget quantum mechanics, forget all that claptrap about an infinite number of versions of you and instead focus on the one version of you that matters, the one reading this blog. Make the most of your time in this universe by booking a Local Escort today.

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