A sizzling liaison with a sensual sweetheart

It really gets under my skin when I meet a woman in a bar and I try to get to know them only to be told ‘My friends say I am…’ I don’t care what your friends say about you sweetheart, I want you to tell me what you are about yourself. I think it’s a lack of confidence thing as some girls don’t like to blow their own trumpet whereas the average guy will happily tell a woman that he once had a trial for Stockport County. Or that he almost made it into the Royal Marines only to find out that he wouldn’t be able to continue his musical career as a semi rock god in the armed forces. Or that he always brings a girl to orgasm. But that’s enough about me…

The other thing about this whole ‘my friends say’ thing is that you are just given a bunch of meaningless adjectives to ponder as in ‘my friends say I am funny’. Is that funny ha ha or funny peculiar I’d like to know. Personally I’d rather we talk about sex and what it is that her friends say about her with regard to her sexual performance. If you asked my friends they would use describing words like ‘legendary’, ‘incredible’ and ‘awesome’ I’m sure. Just don’t ask ex-girlfriends, but that’s another story.

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