A sexually confident woman with an appetite for fun

It was the best time I had ever had with a man, or should I say two men as my boyfriend had decided to spice things up by getting one of his good looking friends involved. The whole thing had been like something out of an erotic movie, something more akin to Fifty Shades than my usual experiences with Rob. Normally he was quite a traditional kind of guy when it came to romance and sex but I guess he was listening when I said I wanted a bit more excitement in the bedroom. He certainly delivered.

The thing is I had already decided before I went to Rob’s place that evening that I was going to break up with him. My sex fest with Hermione had convinced me that I wasn’t the kind of girl to settle down, have a couple of kids and do the housework. She had been such a strong, sexually emancipated woman and I envied the way in which she went about things. If she wanted something she just made it happen. I realised now how much power I had as a beautiful and fun loving woman. I knew now that I could realise my dream of becoming the best visiting escort in the area. Why be tied down when you can live an action packed life full of adventure, new people and incident? Why end up matching pairs of socks in front of the goggle box when you can be getting glammed up to go out for an evening at a fancy hotel?

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