A quality experience

Choosing which Escort Agency was a big decision though I soon came across one that had an excellent website and what is more, an affiliation to the United Kingdom Society of Escort Agencies – UKSEA. This was important to me because it meant that the agency were serious about quality standards. They also had an excellent range of escorts available night and day and again that told me that girls were happy to let the agency represent them. The photographs on the Local Escorts site were also professional and information provided appeared accurate and comprehensive. Everything pointed to Local Escorts being the one for me.

I was sitting in a side office at the law firm where I was working as a temp, filling in for a girl who had cried off sick. It was my lunch break and I was taking the opportunity to use a spare computer to surf the web, looking at escorts and wondering whether to apply to join an agency. I was engrossed in what I was doing and didn’t notice that someone was standing behind me.

“Great body on her don’t you think?”

The voice startled me and I spun around in the swivel chair, almost spilling the cup of coffee I held in my hand. Before me was Thomas, one of the partners in the law firm. He was mid-fifties and distinguished looking, his full head of hair flecked with grey, his deep blue eyes mesmerising and his presence commanding.

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